WorkReady Portfolio



Talent Central’s point of difference is the WorkReady Portfolio (WRP). The WRP is an industry-designed resource to prepare youth and those seeking employment with a ‘work ready’ attitude and skills sought after by employers.

Students work through the various sections of the WRP collecting evidence to demonstrate their understanding of:

  •   Wellbeing

  •   Big Achievements

  •   Communication

  •   Academic Achievement

  •   Money

  •   Drug Free

  •   Volunteering

  •   Teamwork

  •   Health and Safety

  •   Employment Rights

  •   Character Reference

For many students the WRP allows them to see for the first time what employers want young people to understand before they step through their door. Young people are discovering that many of the skills and attributes that may not be credited for NCEA, are highly valued and sought after by employers.

The WRP is having a hugely positive effect on many young people because it acknowledges a range of competencies achieved inside and outside the classroom. The feedback we are getting is encouraging and young people are excited because they see WRP as a tool that reflects real life learning and is key to helping them get a job in the future.

Traditionally, schools have not explicitly taught these skills but more and more schools around New Zealand are adopting the WRP as a way to prepare their students for the next stage in their journey. This means that the WRP is fast becoming a significant tool for both employers and industry.

PLD and Lessons

Talent Central assists schools to roll out the WRP with staff and students. Talent Central staff upskill staff on what local employers are looking for in young people and different ways in which the WRP can be utilised. They also deliver presentations to whole school assemblies, year level meetings or teach individual classes.

Teachers are also able to access lessons around the WRP to assist them with their teaching. These resources are freely available from the Talent Central website.

 You can access the WRP through the MyMahi web app at:

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