Talent central aims to educate and connect young people and teachers with businesses in the region to ensure the talent we shape fits the demand of our region.

Below are some of the ways in which students can build their talent bridge while they are still in school that lead to their chosen job sector and employment.


WorkReady Portfolio (WRP)


Talent Central’s point of difference is the WorkReady Portfolio (WRP). The WRP is an industry-designed resource to prepare youth and those seeking employment with a ‘work ready’ attitude and skills sought after by employers.

Students work through the various sections of the WRP collecting evidence to demonstrate their understanding of:

screenshot of WRP.png
  •   Wellbeing

  •   Big Achievements

  •   Communication

  •   Academic Achievement

  •   Money

  •   Drug Free

  •   Volunteering

  •   Teamwork

  •   Health and Safety

  •   Employment Rights

  •   Character Reference

For many students the WRP allows them to see for the first time what employers want young people to understand before they step through their door. Young people are discovering that many of the skills and attributes that may not be credited for NCEA, are highly valued and sought after by employers.

The WRP is having a hugely positive effect on many young people because it acknowledges a range of competencies achieved inside and outside the classroom. The feedback we are getting is encouraging and young people are excited because they see WRP as a tool that reflects real life learning and is key to helping them get a job in the future.

Traditionally, schools have not explicitly taught these skills but more and more schools around New Zealand are adopting the WRP as a way to prepare their students for the next stage in their journey. This means that the WRP is fast becoming a significant tool for both employers and industry.

You can access the Talent Central WRP through the My Mahi platform at:

You will need to use your Google or Office 365 account logon to access this.


Where’s My Job?

The ‘Where’s My Job?’ Programme embodies the Learn, See, Do process. Exposing students to an industry section via in class education, visits from those within the industry and site visits enables students to see and visually and physically connect with an industry. Where’s My Job programme offers opportunities for students to access employment in a casual, part-time or paid employment.



WorkEx allows young people a foot in the door and a look behind closed doors into some of the best businesses in the region. Opportunities can be in the form of work experience, volunteering, internships etc. They are not necessarily paid employment but may lead to work further down the line. Businesses give up their time to to let young people come and experience what a typical day looks like so they can get a sense of whether this is the job for them. This is a vital part of a young person’s education and we are grateful to the employers who advertise opportunities with us and get behind the youth in our region.

The Work Ex section is for everyone and not just young people looking to go into a job straight after school. We want all students to have some work experience in the job sector where they are hoping to find employment; whether it be truck driver or dentistry and this is the perfect way to do that. We think it makes sense to spend 2-3 days in a business before you spend tens of thousands of dollars and years of study to ensure you have chosen the right pathway.


Talent Central provides the WorkReady Portfolio as a free programme. This is available through the MyMahi app which can be downloaded at or the app stores. MyMahi offers students:

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  • An opportunities feed from employers so that students can be directly connected with what is on offer within their region

  • Reflections to help students reflect on their strength and passions

  • A goal-setting tools to help students plan the steps needed to achieve great things and record the journey along the way.

  • A pathway planner to help students discover and plan a range of pathways that they can work towards whilst at school

  • Training course information from 50+ different organisations

  • The WorkReady Portfolio and a CV Builder so that students can understand and record what is relevant to employers

  • A subject self-assessment tool so that students can take ownership of what and how they are achieving at school

  • A direct feed from NZQA so that students can check their NCEA credits on their phone

For more information about any of Talent Central’s school programmes please contact:

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