Work Experience


Work experience (work ex)

Work Ex allows young people a foot in the door and a look behind closed doors into some of the best businesses in the region. Opportunities can be in the form of work experience, volunteering, internships etc. They are not necessarily paid employment but may lead to work further down the line. Businesses give up their time to to let young people come and experience what a typical day looks like so they can get a sense of whether this is the job for them. This is a vital part of a young person’s education and we are grateful to the employers who advertise opportunities with us and get behind the youth in our region.

The Work Ex section is for everyone and not just young people looking to go into a job straight after school. We want all students to have some work experience u the job sector where they are hoping to find employment; whether it be truck driver or dentistry and this is the perfect way to do that. We think it makes sense to spend 2-3 days in a business before you spend tens of thousands of dollars and years of study to ensure you have chosen the right pathway.

We want all students to have some experience in the job sector where they are hoping to find employment.