For Employers

Talent Central aims to create a Talent Bridge between students and employers. We do this by working with students to complete the Work Ready Portfolio and part of this is giving students the chance to do work experience.

By working with employers we can show students a pathway within an industry and a line of sight from an entry level through to being fully qualified.

We have many employment opportunities here in the Manawatu and we want to encourage students to choose an industry of interest but also one that is relevant in the region.

As an Employer, you will benefit by having a direct link to the emerging talent in our region. You will be able to showcase your industry and the various pathways within a business, highlighting what an entry level position could be throughn to promotion and expansion within the company.


How do we do this:

The WorkReady Portfolio (this will also hyper link through to the WRP page), (a Talent Central and Chamber of Commerce initiative) is an industry-designed resource to equip youth with ‘work ready’ attitude and skills.

Students work within the parameters of the portfolio to achieve ten employer identified skills, which in turn assures an employer the young person knows what it means to be work ready.

Those skills are as follows-

  1. Work Experience
  2. Communication
  3. Restricted Driver’s Licence
  4. Teamwork
  5. Being drug-free
  6. Life Skills
  7. Personal Wellness
  8. Managing Your Money
  9. Workplace Health and Safety
  10. Academic Achievements

The employer will nominate the attributes that are most important to the work experience offered, we in turn will select the student to attend the work experience after consultation with the schools, employer and TC rep.

Eg. A sound technician work experience may require a student who is interested in computers and music. A second tier attribute may be communication or elcetronics.

What do you, the employer, gain:

Talent Central is the bridge between employers and the education sector. We can facilitate and mentor a work placement student that has proven they are Work Ready and has an interest if your industry. Students already placed have given excellent feedback about how much their perceptions were changed and many were offered further work.

Being part of this programme will enhance a your brand and promote your work environment to youth seeking work. It is also your chance to give back to the community and be a part in helping young people make important decisions about their future pathways.

Want to know more?

Please don’t hesitate to contact Ron Armstrong on 027 323 9301 or email and we can visit your workplace to discuss further.