For Employers

Talent Central aims to create a Talent Bridge between students and employers. We do this by working with students to complete the Work Ready Portfolio and part of this is giving students the chance to do work experience.

By working with employers we can show students a pathway within an industry and a line of sight from an entry level through to being fully qualified.

We have many employment opportunities here in the Manawatu and we want to encourage students to choose an industry of interest but also one that is relevant in the region.

As an Employer, you will benefit by having a direct link to the emerging talent in our region. You will be able to showcase your industry and the various pathways within a business, highlighting what an entry level position could be throughn to promotion and expansion within the company.

How do we do this:


The ‘Where’s My Job?’ Programme embodies the Learn, See, Do process. Exposing students to an industry sector via in class education, visits from those within the industry and site visits enables students to see and visually and physically connect with an industry. Where’s My Job programme offers opportunities for students to access employment in a casual, part-time or paid employment.


Work experience offer students a pathway within an industry and a line of sight from entry level through to being fully qualified . Work Experience is identified in the WRP as being a key area in which students can gain industry experience and identify pathways at an earlier age.


Talent Central works with the tertiary sector placing students in Internships within various industries. This involves taking students through the journey of learning how, what and where to find work.


Talent Central is an advocate of bringing students and business leaders together to discuss and explore opportunities. Such events in the past have included: AgriQuest, BraveThinkers, JobFest, Massey Doctoral Student Evenings, Agrifood, Business Visits.


Talent Central have supported the building of an E-Tool via Massey University’s, John Kirkland. This E-Tool will help students identify soft skills and talents and use this information to help make further career choices.

Want to know more?

Please don’t hesitate to contact Ron Armstrong on 027 323 9301 or email and we can visit your workplace to discuss further.